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The Number One Reason Christian Women Have Sex Pain is the Teaching That Sex is Obligatory with Guest Sheila Gregoire, Author of The Great Sex Rescue

June 18, 2021

Today, author Sheila Gregoire is giving us an inside look at her most recent, biggest project, “The Great Sex Rescue.”
She began this project in 2019 after reading the chapter on sex in a book called, “Love & Respect,” and was appalled at what she read.
This lead to a survey of 20,000 women discussing what they were taught about sex and how it affects them in their marriages today.
Sheila’s findings are WILD!
She is going against much of Christian culture as she points out how the church has been teaching sexuality wrong – in many cases, making it more about the need of men and ignoring the pleasure of women.
Nothing is off-topic in today’s conversation as we touch on porn, gender roles, shame, and the many teachings that are damaging relationships.

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To Love Honor and Vacuum




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