The Freedom Between the Sheets Podcast

Your Resource for Good Sex with podcaster Tatiana Fogt

May 7, 2021

Tatiana is the founder of The Bedside Podcast, a resource of good sex. In today’s episode, Tatiana shares her story of how she wanted to use her branding design background to bridge the sex-talk gap.
She tells us how common STI’s actually are versus how stigmatized the topic is to discuss. She gives amazing tips on how to step away from sex-related stigmas and the importance of “doc shopping.”
Tatiana also brought some great insights into why so many couples are in the rut of boring sex and how to get out of it. She gives great advice about how you can bring more of yourself into the bedroom to have sex exciting once again. You will want to listen up for her pasta date night story too! I’m sure you will relate to it!
Don’t forget to take her Sexapalooza worksheet too!! It is linked in her Instagram bio
Her Links:
The Bedside Podcast
Emily Depasse @sexeldeducation

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