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How Breath-work can Help Heal Sexual Trauma + Teach You to Love Your Body with Breath Coach Stevie Wright

March 19, 2021

“Triggers are a Godsend,” Stevie said at one point during our interview.
In today’s show, Jessica B explores what breath work is and how it can benefit your life today with Breath Coach, Stevie Wright.
She shares that breath work is conscious, continual breathing that promotes a state of calm. And yes, it can be done in person or virtual!

Stevie also shares insights into the difference between mediation and breath work, and how breath work is a great first step towards your mediation practice. Jessica B. shared some insights about how Mr. Sexy is dealing with his past trauma and how breath work would be really beneficial on his journey.

Dealing with stress that is impacting your libido? Stevie shares a breathing practice with us that can be used every time that stress or anxiety pops up. It’s simple, yet powerful. You’re going to love it!

Stevie Wright is a Certified Breath Coach, Self Love Coach and Founder of The Breath Channel. Find out more about here here:
The Breath Channel
Instagram: @StevieLWright_

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