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How Stress Impacts Libido and How to Overcome the Cycle of Low Sex Drive with Dr. Megan Martin

March 12, 2021

Dr. Megan Martin is giving us her expertise on why so many women struggle with libido. She believes that most libido problems can be solved through knowledge – and that is what her work is all about. In today’s episode, Megan shares some of her favorite resources and breaks down how the sexual response system actually works so you can “manipulate the system."

Dr. Martin shares the number one reason for low libido and how to break that seemingly endless cycle of low sex drive and stress. She shares some tips on how couples can navigate this conversation and how foreplay impacts whether sex is on the table or not.

To top it off, Dr. Martin is offering a mini course to help you with your libido. It’s 72% off right now JUST FOR YOU making it only $37. Megan is knowledgeable, personable and passionate about helping you enjoy a healthy sex life that fits YOU. 4 Steps To Getting Your Spark Back

Dr. Megan Martin has had her medical practice for 3 years. She is an Executive Board Member of the Southern African Sexual Health Association. She contributed to a book, “A Celebration of Vulva Diversity,” by The Vulva Gallery as a medical expert. Dr. Martin’s passion is for women’s sexual health.

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