The Freedom Between the Sheets Podcast

How Female Empowerment Impacts the Porn Industry

January 25, 2021

Female empowerment is making its stand within the mainly male dominated industry of pornography. In today’s episode, Jessica B sheds light on some positive things regarding pornography as well as the dangers that are still very prevalent.

In the Netflix series, Hot Girls Wanted: Turn On, Holly Randall’s and Erica Lust discuss how they are bringing a new level of class and feminine power to porn. Erica says, “I want to see sex, not porn.” They bring a new level of story and eroticism that is missing from mainstream porn.

 On the other side of the conversation, Jessica B discusses what she has learned from Fight The New Drug and how it hurts the brain, the heart and the world.

After you listen to this episode, please continue your own journey in this fascinating, difficult conversation by watching the Netflix series and checking out the Fight The New Drug website.

Fight The New Drug

Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On
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