The Freedom Between the Sheets Podcast

Self Love Starts with You with Guest Monica Jones

January 5, 2021

Monica Jones made the bold decision to have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction to help eliminate her 50/50 chance of getting breast cancer.

Due to complications, Monica had only one breast for about 9 months as she waited for her next surgery.

In this episode, Monica vulnerably shares how she and her husband keep their love life spicy, how they worked through the loss of her natural breasts, and how she learned to love her own #uniboob.

What you will learn through our discussion is that self love starts with you and that you can love yourself regardless of what your body looks like today.

Monica will share how she and her husband did a boudoir photo shoot together and how it helped them navigate the feelings leading up to her initial surgery.

Monica is a sexual health educator with Pure Romance.

She is a National Director, on the Senior Board of Directors and has been working in the sexual health industry for 19 years.

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