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Your Vulva is Normal, I Promise with Guest Jessica Pin

January 5, 2021

After a botched labiaplasty by a surgeon with no training on the procedure, Jessica Pin became an advocate for a more complete training for doctors on the female anatomy.

In today’s episode, Jessica will share how she learned that something was “wrong” with her labia and why the systematic negligence of female sexual function is a huge problem today.

Many OBGYNs don’t have a full understanding of the vulva and are wary of even having the conversation to address the issue.

After surgery, Jessica realized she didn’t have very much sensation during sex.

Over and over again she was told by doctors that nothing abnormal had happened to her.

Even therapists told her it was all in her head.

This led Jessica down a dark path which she moved through to become the passionate advocate she is today for clitoral equality.

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Resource mentioned during the show

Becoming Clitorate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters and How to Get It by Dr. Lauria Mintz

The Vulva Gallery


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