The Freedom Between the Sheets Podcast

3 Ways to Remove Sex Shame: Part One

January 5, 2021

Jessica B is breaking through the taboos in this first episode by sharing some of her most intimate experiences that shaped her ideas on sexuality.

Her story starts as a little girl who discovered masturbation and knew better than to ask questions about it, much less tell anyone.

As a Christian, there was an unsaid rule that sex should not be discussed unless in terms of abstinence or STDs.

She carried these belief systems into her teens when she had sex for the first time and continued to be promiscuous into her 20s.

These conversations might feel difficult to listen to for a wide variet of reasons.

However, would it surprise you to know that Jessica B thought something was “wrong” with her because she started masturbating at a young age?

Only recently did she share her story for the first time and a friend reached out to say that her experience was completely normal.

This only moved Jessica B further toward starting this podcast because until women start sharing their stories, the shame will only fester.

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